About Moxxy Marketing

Savvy Marketing for Agriculture, Fresh Produce and Floral, and More

Moxxy took root in California’s Salinas Valley in 2007. Today, our national presence and international reach supports companies producing and selling perishable products around the globe. We’re nimble. We’re mobile. And we have Moxxers located across the country to meet our clients’ needs.

One thing we all share is a love for fresh, healthy food and wine, and we take great joy and satisfaction supporting ag companies, grower-shippers, and food brands who bring the bounty of our nation to kitchens, lunchrooms, restaurants, and dining tables all over the world.

We work with leading fresh food and ag businesses, many with international operations and distribution. We’ve worked with many large, established brands with internal marketing departments; and many more small or new brands, where we work directly with the owners and executive team, and function as their marketing department. We also work throughout the supply chain and with several companies that support ag, including ag tech, service providers and trade organizations

We get it. We get the farming lifestyle. We get the need for cost effective results for your marketing dollars. We’re hard-working marketers who shift easily between offering proactive suggestions and big ideas, to rolling up our sleeves and getting things done, to providing support where needed, whether in marketing, sales, administration or operations.

We approach our client relationships as a true partnership and believe nothing is more important to successful marketing than thoughtful planning and strategy. We value communication and transparency. We’ll ask tough questions and give you straight answers. We also play well in the sandbox with others. In other words, and when it makes sense, we’ll happily work with creative talent (designers, photographers, etc.) and other firms that our clients have successful relationships with.

That’s just a start. Check out our Services, Team and a few samples of our Work. Better yet, Contact Us and find out more about bringing some Moxxy to your marketing efforts.