Get Integrated

Whether you’re zigging or zagging, your marketing will work best when it all works together. We could show you hundreds of work samples demonstrating the wide range of marketing tactics Moxxy has successfully completed for happy clients. Since you don’t have all day, we’ve chosen a few projects to present—each integrated by a predominant brand strategy. Have fun exploring!


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Get It All

We specialize in branding and packaging, but as a full service agency, we do it all—advertising, graphic design, strategic marketing plans, web design, videos, social media, PR, trade show booths—and we do it well!

So, if you need something you don’t see here, we can do it or get it done for you (and if we don’t think it makes sense, we’ll tell you). Looking for logos we’ve designed? Swipe up, or scroll down!

Get Branded

Because a logo is the primary visual representation of the brand, it’s one of the most important communication tools. But, branding is much more than a logo. Moxxy works with our clients to develop brands that represent them well and speak to their audience. During brand development we consider company and product naming, storytelling, URL selection, and the competitive landscape.

These Moxxy logo projects run the gamut from refreshing and modernizing beloved family brands to developing entirely new brands. Enjoy!

Logo design for Pinnacle Seed.
Logo design for Berry People.
Logo design for Chicago Vegan Foods.
Logo design for Smith Family Wines.
Logo design for Corral de Tierra Cattle Company.
Logo design for Muzzi Family Farms.
Logo design for River Fresh Farms.
Logo design for Housing Development Corporation.
Logo design for AgroLinks.
Logo design for PCH Farms.
Logo design for Go 831.
Logo design for Vegetable Growers Supply.
Logo design for Salinas Valley Half Marathon.
Logo design for Swenson and Silacci.
Logo design for Action Council.
Logo design for Crazy Horse Ranch.
Logo design for SB Nutrition.
Logo design for Josie's Organics.
Logo design for Ryan and McDonald.
Logo design for Uesugi Farms.

Get Results

We like to think our creative work speaks for itself. But here at Moxxy, we also want our clients to achieve real, measurable results. After every project, we take a long hard look at outcomes, and use what we learn to get better—and to help our clients be more successful. Check out our case studies to see what we’re talking about.


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