The Importance of Empathy

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SPCA Case Study in its entirety?

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How Moxxy Used Audience Understanding to Improve
Spay and Neuter Rates (with Almost No Marketing)

You know that Moxxy specializes in the ag and fresh produce industry. But you might not know that we’re always happy to bring our marketing muscle to great brands and great causes. The SPCA for Monterey County is a bigtime example of both.

Their challenge was an important one: spay and neuter rates in Monterey County were very low. The SPCA was hoping we could help them increase the number of procedures to save more dogs and cats. We’re no vets, but we knew we needed to get into the heads of pet owners. Who were they, how did they think, and most importantly, how did they feel about the subject.

What we learned was specific and surprising. And it also gave us the key to dramatically increasing spay and neuter rates! Since the program’s start, spay and neutering appointments have skyrocketed for our client. We’re happy for them, and equally happy for the pets of Monterey County.

Want to see our SPCA Case Study in its entirety? Check it out!