We Dare YouGet in Touch and Get Moxxy

Moxxy’s story started in 2012 with one short email, a long lunch, and two ballsy entrepreneurs.

Karen took a chance and invited Terry to lunch. She pitched him on the idea of teaming up. She had “big plans” and needed help. He shared her commitment to producing great work and providing exceptional customer service, and apparently, he likes bossy women. It was a match made of moxie. Two months later they launched Moxxy.

Since then, Moxxy has challenged, supported, advocated for and grown the brands and businesses of dozens of clients. We’re not order takers and we’ll push you out of your comfort zone. And we’ll bust our butts for the clients who are ready to do something great.

In July 2017, after nearly 40 years of more than full-time work, Terry dared to take the first steps toward retirement. He’s still lending his expertise to Moxxy and our clients in a reduced capacity, and to a few of his own select projects, but now his big plans are more about hiking, kayaking, traveling and enjoying family.

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So, if you have big plans too, we dare you to…

  • Reinvent your future
  • Dance on the bar
  • Stand out
  • Ski the black diamond slope
  • Zig when others zag
  • Create a breakthrough brand
  • Fall head over heels
  • Take the lead
  • Hike the highest peak
  • Be the David to your industry’s Goliath
  • Open that special bottle
  • Go all in
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C’mon do it!

If you’re really daring, pick up the phone and call right now!


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