Extraordinary Stone Fruit Season Kicks Off With Fruit World Early Season Organic Cherries and Apricots

Fruit World, a family-owned, flavor-focused grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit, is now shipping their organic cherries and will begin packing and shipping organic apricots the first week of May. “What a difference one year makes,” said Bianca Kaprielian, Fruit World co-founder and CEO. “2020 was a bumpy stone fruit season in California, but this year we had enough chill hours and favorable weather, and the trees are full of great looking fruit.”

Unaffected by the late April rains, Fruit World’s Coral, Lynn and Tioga cherries are at peak flavor. Packed at Podesta Packing in Linden, CA, a new, state-of-the-art optical sorter ensures that only the best of the best cherries make it into the retail pack. “The fruit looks spectacular. We are really happy with this year’s crop, and it looks great in our fun and bright packaging,” said Richter. Fruit World’s organic cherry season continues through the end of May.

“I’ve never seen the trees so heavy with apricots,” said Fruit World sales director, Cindy Richter. “It was a great set. The color and sugars are still developing, a week or so behind schedule due to the weather cooling off a bit, but as soon as we start shipping we’ll have promotable volumes through June and maybe into July.” Fruit World grows organic apricots in Reedley, CA. Continuing a long and fruitful partnership, Fruit World is also marketing Blossom Hill apricots from their ranches in Patterson, CA. In addition to the standard pack styles, this year they are excited to offer a new sustainable cardboard clamshell.

When it comes to peaches and nectarines, Fruit World is the exclusive marketer of the world-renowned organic Masumoto Family Farm fruit. “We appreciate growers who share our values and vision. That’s why we’re super excited about our partnership with Masumoto Family Farm, bringing their legendary peaches and nectarines to market,” Kaprielian effused. “And we’re also excited to begin shipping organic peaches this year from our own orchard.” 

If your customers long for the juicy, flavorful stone fruit their parents and grandparents reminisce about, delight them this year with organic cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines from Fruit World. 

For more information or to place an order, call (559) 650-0334, or visit fruitworldco.com to learn more about the Fruit World story.

About Fruit World
Fruit World is a fresh and creative produce company with generations of history. Fruit World grows and ships the most flavorful fruit in California—including organic and conventional citrus, organic grapes, organic stone fruit, and more—and works with customers who share a passion for quality and taste. They’re all about honoring their growers, staying true to their farming heritage, and keeping family farming thriving into future generations. Visit fruitworldco.com.