Google Ana-what-ics?

Thumbnail screenshot for Fall 2015 article on Google Analytics.Your newly-designed website is out there making people aware of your business; but do you know how well it’s working? Check out Roger’s article in the fall 2015 issue of Coastal Grower magazine. In it, he explains the basics behind Google Analytics and how to get the most accurate data from it.

If you’re already using Google Analytics or another data tracking service, did you know that a significant amount of the data might be junk? In order to have the most clean and relevant data, you must “scrub” it using filters to get rid of bots, ghost referrers and crawlers.

Now your data is spot-on, right? Maybe not. How many of your website visits are coming from inside your office? Minimize this by having all your employees “opt out” of Google Analytics tracking. Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool that can help even the smallest business get a piece of the big data pie.

Read the whole article, Google Analytics: What Is It and How Accurate Is the Data? by Moxxy’s Roger Aguirre Smith to make sure you’re getting the most out of Google Analytics for your website. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.