Your Call is Very Important to Us…

Screenshot of article on customer service in Coastal Grower Winter 2015.We’ve all heard that one before, and we know good and bad customer service when we see (or hear) it, but the impact of customer service on your brand reputation goes far beyond how your people answer the phone (or don’t)! How does that translate in your business?

Does your company approach customer service as an interruption and a cost to be controlled, or is it viewed as critical to sales growth and customer satisfaction? Check out Terry’s article in the winter 2015 issue of Coastal Grower magazine and learn why providing great customer service is essential.

How easy is it for your customers to locate key information or place an order from your website? What if they access your website from their phone or tablet, where most Internet traffic now originates? Even seemingly small changes—like adding a click-to-dial phone number to your website for customers on the go—can make a huge difference.

With all it takes to run a business, making things easy for your customers can get lost in the shuffle, but often it’s those little details that make a huge difference.