The Power, and Pitfalls, of Video Marketing

Image of agriculture video marketing in produce field.

Video has incredible marketing potential. It’s everywhere! From the traditional venues like cinemas, TVs and laptops to the omnipresent new outcropping of screens on gas pumps, billboards, elevators, and seemingly everywhere else. Oh yeah, don’t forget the most important new screen of all—the one in your pocket.

Plant-based graphic. There are so many good reasons to harness the power of video:

  • With smart phones, video is viewable anywhere
  • Video is the driving force of the internet—reaching over 80% of all traffic by 2019
  • Websites featuring video are visited longer
  • Humans are wired for video—it’s retained faster and better that the written word

But there are some good reasons to be cautious about wading into the world of video too:

  • A small minority of online videos get most of the views
  • Crappy videos can leave a negative impression
  • There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs. A lot.

Clearly, video has huge potential but creating breakthrough video isn’t a layup. To increase your odds of success, get a few Moxxy pointers from our CEO Karen Nardozza in her article “The Power, and Pitfalls, of Video” published in Coastal Grower. Read the article.