Millennial Fatigue Means Boomer Opportunity

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Nowadays, it seems like millennials get all the attention from marketers. There’s reason for this—millennials (currently aged 22-37) are a huge group of consumers with big buying power. But, is all the attention too much? We think yes.

We’re so focused on millennials, we’ve forgotten the baby boomers (currently aged 54-72).

Why should we give baby boomers our attention? Here are five reasons:

1. Boomers Outspend Millennials

Yeah, there are more millennials than boomers, but boomers have more to spend—and they do.

2. Boomers Make Media Matter

While technology use is rising, boomers still read newspapers and their mail.

3. Millennial-Style Disruptions Match Boomers’ Needs Too

Millennials like the convenience of grocery delivery and pre-made meals, but boomers find such advancements useful too—and sometimes critically necessary.

4. Changes in Boomer Behavior Create Opportunity

Boomer women are cooking less. Boomer men are shopping more. These are marketable moments.

5. Boomers Are Influencers

Today’s 50- to 70-year-olds are active, engaged and growing more comfortable on the internet.

Wanna understand more? Our President and CEO, Karen Nardozza, lays out the details in her article “Millennial Fatigue Means Boomer Opportunity” featured in The Snack. You can check it out here.