Be Social, While Keeping Your Distance

By Karen Nardozza, Moxxy President and CEO

Government officials are recommending “social distancing” to limit the spread of Coronavirus. While people are responding and limiting their physical distances, they are also connecting socially like never before through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This presents an opportunity for brands to connect and enhance relationships with customers and colleagues.

While many people providing essential services such as fresh food and medical care are working harder than ever, everybody is spending more time at home and paying more attention to social media. Whether serious, sensational, or sublime, people are looking for information and distractions.

Judging from what I’ve been seeing, they’re also being more cynical and their “Spidey sense” is on high alert. But they are looking for real human connections. This heightens the need to be genuine and authentic. In future posts I will go in more depth on how to best use each social platform, but here is advice on how to use social media in general during these difficult times.

Increase your activity—now is not the time to go silent.

Do not appear opportunistic, self-concerned or self-promotional.

Be sensitive, empathetic and recognize that people may be stressed and scared, or likely know somebody who has lost their job or contracted COVID-19 (or are even dealing with it personally).

Use positive, optimistic messages.

Effective social engagement is a two-way street. Don’t just broadcast messages but listen to what your customers and friends are saying and connect on a personal level.

Personalize your brand. Create some posts from people who are part of your team; don’t have everything come from an amorphous brand.

Recognize and thank employees, and those in your supply chain, who are working hard.

Be creative and helpful. Offering simple recipes that combine your fresh products with common pantry items would be good. Save that recipe for a pineapple and arugula souffle with 28 ingredients for another day.

Consider how you are presenting your messages. Here’s an example of a ‘tone deaf’ message from a different industry: “We understand you might be sick and are sorry if you lost your job, but your rent is still due on the 1st, and will be late on the 5th.”

I encourage you to continue using your social media platforms to reach your customers and colleagues. And in this time of crisis it can provide a greater opportunity than ever to demonstrate who you are as a brand and how you are remembered when COVID-19 is behind us. I will continue to share insights and ideas weekly to help you take action, for it is what you do today that will prepare you for a stronger tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what you post next.