In spring of 2012 when we first spoke of teaming up to form the yet-to-be-named entity that became Moxxy Marketing, the synergy was strong and we agreed on a few things that drove us to #GetGoing.

First, we shared a strong belief that nothing was more important than being strategic and getting results for our clients. Close behind was the dedication to exceed expectations (our clients’ and our own), meet our commitments, and be easy and fun to work with. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal was to create the most desirable agency to hire or work for in Central California.

And most important, was to have fun in the process.

We’re definitely having fun, and judging by our clients’ comments, the rest is coming along nicely too.

In three years our team has tripled in size, and now, so has the size of our office space. It’s been a rewarding journey and the best is yet to come. We invite you to share in our celebration and Moxxy spirit as we turn off the lights on our old office, and splash some Moxxy orange on an historic Salinas building that’s now our snazzy new place.

Come along—let’s #GetGoing!

Karen and Terry