Says Who?

If you’ve been to our office you’ve experienced the Moxxy quote wall. We have a passion for inspirational quotes, so much so that we used our staircase to display a few, or 18, of our favorites. We won’t mention any names here, but we’ve heard a few thuds as the quote reading takes precedence over actual stair climbing.

Moxxy Marketing Quote Wall App screenshot with quote, graphic and options.

Well now the Moxxy team, creative bunch that we are, has created an online quote challenge! The quotes from our wall have been turned into a multiple choice game in which you must select each quote’s quotist. Equally as entertaining as the game are the wisecracks that pop up to let you know if you’re right (Smartypants) or wrong (Come on, put your heart into it!) Only the top 10 scores will show up in our high ranker score board. We want to see you on there! Ready, set, go…

Think you’ve got what it takes to make the top 10?