The cat’s out of the bag, or, in this case, xPoint’s out of the box! You’ve probably seen the teasers on social media (and if you haven’t, go like us!) hinting that something BIG’s been going on at Moxxy. It’s finally time to unveil our huge surprise; we brought an exciting idea to life by creating our own mascot and capturing its adventures on video. Meet xPoint, our giant exclamation point that embodies what our company and culture is all about: creativity, innovation and moxie!

When the holidays hit, the spirit of giving is definitely in the air and contagious! Whether it’s buying gifts for family and friends or donating to local organizations, there are tons of ways to be charitable and give back to the community. In our holiday video, xPoint goes on a journey to spread the gift of giving, carrying that spirit into different locations throughout our community. From decorating a tree, to buying pet toys and treats to wrap and deliver to the SPCA, xPoint shows how fun it is to #GetTheSpirit this season.

We’re all animal lovers at Moxxy, so we jumped at the opportunity to donate to local organizations that help make a difference in the lives of animals. If you love animals too, and want to show your support or add a furry family member, consider giving a donation to one of these local charities below or adopting from a shelter. Moxxy will match donations up to a cumulative total of $1,000, all you have to do is like or share any of our xPoint social posts and email your receipt to getthespirit@getmoxxy.com.

Moxxy would like to thank both the SPCA for Monterey County and From the Heart Animal Behavior & Training for opening their facilities and allowing the film crew and xPoint to disrupt their normal business operations. The animals also appreciate it.

We wish you and your family, both two-legged and four-legged, a very happy holiday!