Congratulations, Terry! Lucky You!

Terry and Carla on the maiden voyage of their handbuilt kayak.Moxxy co-founder, Terry Feinberg, has always played with an “all-in” mentality, and he estimates he’s worked over 100,000 hours throughout his career. Not that he’s complaining! As he says, “Most of the zigs and zags along my career path have been rewarding, especially so during the last 5+ years as Karen Nardozza and I have built Moxxy into a thriving, powerhouse agency that’s produced great work for phenomenal clients.”

Terry and Carla at Margaritaville in LaJolla.

Yet, Terry has reached that stage of his life where, while he’s not ready to ride off into the sunset, he is ready to spend more doing the things that he loves with his wife Carla and their many fur-kids; like spending time on his bike, hiking, camping and kayaking while he’s still young and healthy enough to do so (note to Terry, 60 is the new 30!). That means changes for Terry and Moxxy.

Terry is scaling back. While he is still affiliated with Moxxy, and helping on some internal and client projects, he is no longer involved in day-to-day operations or client support. Karen is now sole owner of Moxxy. In October, Terry will be having knee replacement surgery. In early 2018, he’ll be moving to Mesquite, Nevada, and will continue his progression into semi-retirement. 

In the meantime, he’s riding his bike, going to the gym, and getting in shape for his surgery. And we’re not-so-slightly jealous of his trip to Alaska at the end of August, and those kayaking pictures in Monterey Bay (yup, that picture is Terry and Carla, in the kayak they built, a few feet away from a 45-foot humpback whale). So yes, lucky Terry!

Terry and Carla in their kayak very close to whales.