A New Website for a Big Company

Creating and designing a website is no easy task, but the pride we get when presenting our clients with their new website and seeing a smile brighten up their face makes the hard work and vast number of hours all worth it. The launch of Big Creek Lumber’s new website is a perfect example of that.

The new website was designed to modernize the company’s online presence and better direct its various audiences to relevant content more quickly while telling the story of Big Creek, which is a four-generation family-run company committed to sustainability with a history in California spanning more than seventy years.

The new site uses intuitive navigation, contemporary design, bold photography, and direct, conversational language developed with both search engine optimization and human visitors in mind, to help customers find what they need, tell the company’s story, share Big Creek’s personality, and talk about their beneficial community impact.

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“Big Creek is a unique company with a special story to tell,” said Moxxy Account Manager Meagan Edwards. “They have a rich family history, impressive dedication to customer service, and an incredible commitment to sustainability. Part of our strategy for this new website was to unearth and reveal that story, while also improving SEO and the overall visitor experience to increase store traffic and sales.”

One of the biggest challenges for Big Creek, and Moxxy, was to create a site that best served the company’s four distinct audiences: professional contractors, do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners, wholesale resellers and forest landowners.

“With this variety of audiences, we knew we needed to make it easy and quick for every visitor to find the information they’re looking for,” said Moxxy Lead Web Developer Roger Smith. “On the new site, visitors get to self-select their interest as soon as they land on the homepage. Now, they’re only seconds away from the content they’re looking for.”

We ensured the new site was built to be fully responsive, creating a “custom-made” feel whether the site is viewed on mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. The new site is also built with a focus on compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To further tell the brand story and advance Big Creek’s web presence as a lumber company competing with other lumber companies as well as big-box brands, we recommended a URL change from big-creek.com to bigcreeklumber.com. By adding “lumber,” we ensured they will rank higher in search engine results and helped improve their overall web presence.

“This has been a very positive process for us,” said Michelle Overbeck, Big Creek Lumber’s marketing manager. “Moxxy understood our needs and has created a website that tells our story. We’re so inspired, we’re looking for new ways to evolve our brand presence online—we love our new site!”

Check out Big Creek Lumber’s new website at bigcreeklumber.com.

Phone, tablet and desktop computer mockup for responsive design.