A Berry Big-Hearted Brand

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hollister, California, Berry People grows and distributes a full line of organic berries—strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries—all year ‘round.

Energized by founder Jerald Downs’s heartfelt vision to connect consumers, retailers, farmers, farm workers, employees and partners through berries, Moxxy created the Berry People logo and tagline, “Together, We Grow.”

“This is an amazing client,” said Moxxy President and CEO Karen Nardozza. “Berry People isn’t just about selling organic berries. They truly care for all the people involved along the way: the growers, the harvesters, the people up and down the supply chain, the retailers, and of course the families who enjoy their delicious berries. They wanted their brand, and their logo, to reflect just how important all those people are. It was the type of challenge we love at Moxxy!”

The new logo features a stylized berry comprised of dozens of circles. Each circle symbolizes a unique person, so bringing them all together to create a unified berry is a perfect metaphor for the company itself. The three-leafed calyx represents the three founding partners and their stewardship of the Berry People community. The logotype uses a rounded lowercase font, reflecting a friendly and approachable personality. The “y” in berry overlaps with the “p” in people, creating one more metaphor—people coming together with berries. Yum!

“Berries are our subject, but the people we bring together are our object,” said Berry People CEO Jerald Downs. “When it comes to a logo, we weren’t just looking for a pretty picture. We wanted something that truly represented what we stand for…and Moxxy delivered. The team took a sincere interest in our company’s vision and values and worked with us to effectively convey the company’s ethos in the design of our company logo.”

“We enjoyed both the work process and work product,” Jerald concluded. “I’d recommend Moxxy to anyone looking for empathy and edge in a marketing firm.”