Welcome to the Family, Katianna!

Portrait of Katianna Tron.The Moxxy team keeps growing, and each new hire makes the family stronger! Account Coordinator Katianna Tron is no exception. Katianna brings contagious energy and creativity to the agency. She has a rare skill set that combines organizational ability, ingenuity, and grace under pressure—it’s the perfect blueprint for a strong account service pro.

She may only be two years out of college, but Katianna’s career has already included roles as a marketing consultant for a startup (that distributes crazy socks, no less), and marketing manager for a chain of bakeries and cafés. She brings a passion for working with people and a strong streak of creativity to the agency. Of course, there’s the day-to-day busy work too, but Katianna’s got it covered; raised in the home office of her parents’ law firm, Katianna feels right at home with an inbox full of emails and mountain of folders to be filed.

“I feel like this job, and Moxxy itself, are the perfect fit for me,” said Katianna. “I love creativity, strategy, precise language and innovative thinking. Moxxy integrates these passions into my everyday work. And I also love working with people to make things happen. Moxxy’s staff and clients make up an exciting and cohesive team that never ceases to impress me.”

A Southern California native, Katianna can frequently be found basking in the Salinas sunlight or searching for the best iced vanilla latte to pair with her avocado toast. She loves spending time outdoors whether it’s hiking local trails or exploring the newest patio bars. Katianna has a zest for traveling, especially with her husband Derrick. Together, they’re making their way through their destination bucket list.