Moxxy Wins American Graphic Design Award from GDUSA

Black and red winner's badge for the American Graphics Design AwardWhen you get the chance to celebrate success… do it! So, today we’re saluting our amazing graphic designers and entire team for their hard-earned and well-deserved win in the prestigious American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) for their work on the 2016 Monterey County (CA) Crop Report. GDUSA received more than 10,000 entries in their 54th annual celebration of excellence in design and we’re honored to be recognized among the best.

“We are thrilled with how the team at Moxxy took very data-driven material and brought it to life to engage and inform readers,” said Bob Roach, assistant agricultural commissioner/sealer. “Their strategic use of color, imagery and layout makes the Monterey County Crop Report a document that shares critically important information in a very visually appealing way. Their award is richly deserved.”

The Crop Report is prepared each year pursuant to provisions in the California Food & Agricultural Code. The 2016 edition provides details on the county’s $4.25 billion in production value for the year.

Collage of pages from the award winning Monterey County Crop Report

“We’re honored to have won this award and enjoyed our collaboration with Bob Roach, Kim Stemler, executive director of Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association, Christina McGinnis, agricultural resources and policy manager, and everyone at the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office,” said Molly Briseño, director of key accounts at Moxxy. “Turning the very data-focused content of the Crop Report into material that is visually appealing, engaging and informative was a challenge, but one that our whole team embraced. It’s gratifying to know the way the information was organized and presented helped readers understand the importance of agriculture in Monterey County.”

The report is not only provided to stakeholders within Monterey County, it is also shared with other county governments and individuals around the state. This includes business leaders, farmers and others involved in all areas of the agriculture industry.

“One of the reasons we put a great deal of effort into making the information in the report clear, concise and compelling is that ultimately it is used in many ways and in many forms,” said McGinnis. “For example, the 2016 report focused on the significant economic impact that the growing of wine grapes has in our county and beyond. To tell that story in another way, we pulled infographics that Moxxy created for the report into an informative video. The quality of the components developed for the report greatly enhances the value of the information in the report wherever it is used.”