A New Image that Honors a 70-Year-Old Brand

If you’ve been in the produce industry for more than a minute, you know Vegetable Growers Supply (or as the cool kids say, “VGS”). Since 1948, they’ve been an industry leader when it comes to providing packaging, tools, farming supplies and services to growers and shippers of fresh fruits and vegetables in California, Arizona and beyond.

VGS approached Moxxy because their website needed a major overhaul. Moxxy helped them understand they needed a little more.

“When VGS hired us, they weren’t looking for a new brand identity, their focus was on updating their website,” said Moxxy President and CEO Karen Nardozza. “But, as with all our projects, we approached their website strategically to assure it would accomplish all their marketing goals. We discovered VGS is one of the most progressive companies in their industry, with advanced technology and systems as well as highly customizable services to meet the challenging demands of their grower-shipper customers—but their brand image didn’t reflect it. VGS was approaching their 70-year anniversary and agreed with our recommendation to upgrade their brand identity with a new logo along with the new website.”

Old and new logo comparison.

As you can see, the new logo is clean and bold. The “V,” along with two stylized leaves, creates a balanced diamond shape, a tribute to the brand’s previous logo. While giving a nod to tradition, the new logo feels modern, established and qualified.

“While a logo redesign wasn’t our initial priority, when Moxxy proposed it and explained their rationale, we listened,” said VGS President and General Manager Willy Leon. “VGS has been around for 70 years, and that old logo was very well known by all our customers, so we wanted to retain our brand equity while better positioning the company as more advanced and capable to expertly serve today’s sophisticated farming industry. Moxxy did a great job creating a strong, modern new logo that honors our company’s history and sets us up for the future.”

Original home page design. Original
New home page design. Modified

The new website, which you can check out at veggrow.com, is a big departure for the company. Its contemporary, responsive design displays just as well on a mobile phone as it does on a laptop or tablet. We built the site with the user-friendly WordPress content management system, which allowed us to train the VGS staff to be able to make most website updates themselves in-house. That means they can keep the messaging current, post timely sales specials, and add new location information throughout seasonal transitions. The new site also integrates with their ERP system, allowing customers to securely log in and manage inventory in real-time.

Old and new website comparison.