We Snagged a Good One. Meet Seanie!


We know when to jump at serendipity! Our newest moxxer, account coordinator Seanie Aceves, called us up out of the blue and sold us on why she’d be a great addition to our team—and she was right.

Seanie brings diverse know-how to Moxxy, including experience in marketing, sales, customer service and web development. That broad training has prepared her perfectly for her account coordinator role.

Before coming on board at Moxxy, Seanie worked in sales and marketing in the wine industry, including stints with Keller Estate Winery and Francis Ford Coppola Winery. She has also coordinated print, digital and email marketing for the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau and ran her own business as a WordPress web developer.

“I wasn’t sure any one job could utilize my seemingly scattered skill set,” said Seanie. “But at Moxxy I get to call upon my background in marketing, sales, web development, and even my degree in psychology, every day. Moxxy’s amazing team and our remarkable roster of clients add up to my perfect workplace!”

Originally from Long Beach, California, Seanie now resides in Salinas. When not cranking on a deadline at Moxxy, you might find her backpacking, dancing, indulging in a little karaoke, or hanging out with some adorable pooches.