Cameron Dolan

Business & Accounting Director & Future Mermaid

Cameron brings a wealth of business experience to Moxxy and our clients. Previously, she managed a team of 20 at a shared services company supporting over 800 small and medium-sized businesses. She’s helped create effective management techniques, operational processes, and client success protocols—always with a smile and positive outlook. While she eschews the latest buzzwords and trends, she is laser-focused on improving efficiencies and elevating customer service.

Her work life is very technical and orderly, but when she’s not working, you can count on finding her near the sand and sea—often among the fish her family has caught from their boat. From growing up on the Jersey Shore, to the South Florida home she shares now with her husband Brian and their kids Camden, Carter, and Brie, Cameron has never been far from water. “When they offer gill transplants, I’ll be first in line,” she says, only half in jest.