Christina Fuentes

Project Manager & Wannabe Wanderluster

Christina had early aspirations to go to Harvard and become an entertainment lawyer, but she quickly discovered that while she loves going to concerts (more on that later), she didn’t love her law classes. With a political science degree and a communications minor from the University of Miami, you’d think she’d be managing presidential campaigns, but she found her calling in marketing.

Social media marketing was a natural entry for this digital native, but working for a cannabis company and then a plantain chip company developed her passion for the breadth of produce marketing services, from packaging to trade shows. Her attention to detail, eagle eye and quick wit make her a natural Moxxer. She’s also bilingual in English and Spanish, making her a perfect addition to the Miami team to serve our Spanish-speaking clients.

Christina inherited a solid work ethic and love for life from her great grandparents, who lost everything when they were sent to internment camps during World War II, and then rebuilt their successful lives upon their release. Christina was born and raised in South Florida, and if it wasn’t for live music, she might never leave. While COVID has kept her from concerts in 2020, she’s been known to jump on a plane at the last minute to fly anywhere for a…Jonas Brothers concert. Who are we to judge (especially the Parrot Head amongst us)?