Debbie Cintora

Project Manager & Tea Devotee

Debbie’s love of marketing and creativity started at the ripe age of twelve when she started a jewelry business with her friends, a passion that still flourishes to this day. She brings a breadth of skills to our clients, including expertise in social media management, marketing research, branding, campaign development, and the ever-so-tricky world of packaging regulations. Her attention to detail, penchant for data visualization and client communications skills make Moxxy the perfect place for her.

With a spirit as wild as her curls, Debbie can be found seeking her next adventure after hours, whether it’s going on long hikes with her trusty camera, trekking to the countryside to gaze at the stars or curling up with a good book. She volunteers at Little Hands for Ag events to teach children the importance of agriculture. She has a deep love of traveling and is a firm believer that any problem can be solved with a good cup of tea.

Debbie and her husband.