Leanne Salandro

Project Manager & Multi-Skilled Mom

Leanne’s expertise in graphic design and marketing contribute to her project leadership role at Moxxy. Her skills, developed as a former business owner, art director, designer and illustrator—with focus on communications, branding and packaging—readied her to manage a range of day-to-day projects from start to finish. She graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Commercial Art and knows the ins and outs of print and digital production.

Leanne happily spent her childhood in Colorado, with much of that time roaming canyons and hills in the high desert, and helping with her family’s cows, horses, and alfalfa fields. As the daughter of a farming emigrant family from Croatia, Leanne grew up with a strong connection to agriculture, and an appreciation of the outdoors in general.

Her capabilities and interests are enhanced by the superpower of a mom raising two boys … Ninja-like skills required! An avid runner and foodie, Leanne’s free time is filled with exercise, trying out new recipes, and coercing her two sons out for a hike. A lifelong artist, Leanne also enjoys landscape painting, featuring beaches and mountains in and around the Monterey Bay area.

Leanne Salandro and her sons