Molly Briseño

Vice President & Generous Spirit

Molly’s agency expertise stretches far and wide. Her years of marketing for local businesses and prominent produce companies make her outstanding in the field (pun intended!) and her talents don’t stop at project management—Molly also excels at brand development and team leadership, and she handles all aspects of agency operations with ease.

It’s a good thing Molly doesn’t sleep much, as her energy and drive benefits clients, her family, and our community. A fervent supporter of Relay for Life, Molly is now a dance mom to competitive dance diva (and daughter) Isabella, and is joining “Isa” on a 6-year journey of leadership and character development through the National Charity League. Molly’s eldest daughter Ashleigh just became an RN and is saving the world, one patient at a time. Dogs Dallas and Abby keep Molly busy too (especially on Zoom calls). And if all that isn’t enough, you might catch her enjoying a cup of coffee, or a craft beer and Mexican food, with husband Juan.

Molly with her husband and 2 daughters.