Terry Feinberg

VP Strategy & Captain of His Own Kayak

A true marketing guru, Terry has done it all. From owning a marketing agency whose clients ranged from small businesses to major corporations, to leading non-profit associations, to heading local operations for a major media company—it’s safe to say Terry brings well rounded experience to our clients. There aren’t many people who can be described as intense, focused and easy going, but the shoe, or flip-flop, fits Terry.

It’s been a while since his first jobs as an ice cream maker and diver for sea urchins, but he still enjoys that laid back Jimmy Buffet lifestyle. When not working hard, Terry can be found playing hard, riding his recumbent trike, whale watching from his homemade kayak, exploring Death Valley or swing dancing with his wife, Carla. He doesn’t drink margaritas, eat cheeseburgers or have a pencil thin mustache, but yes, he is a pirate and dreams of that one particular harbor.

Terry and Carla on the maiden voyage of their handbuilt kayak.