SmartWash Solutions

Complex and Simple

SmartWash Solutions is a company of engineers, chemists and technicians selling a system of chemicals, process control equipment and data to food safety engineers and plant managers. Sounds complicated, right? Well their audience also includes marketing people, product managers and senior management. The challenge SmartWash faced when they found Moxxy through our website (see, you do need a good website) was effectively communicating to these different groups of decision makers.

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Form Follows Function

After identifying what was important to each audience, we developed a strategic marketing plan and tactical budget. SmartWash had some immediate marketing needs, so we jumped in and developed new labels, data sheets and a video, while the new marketing strategy was being developed and implemented.

First up was refreshed messaging focusing on their key benefits, followed by highlighting those benefits into a series of trade ads. Then came a redesign of their website, with a focus on simplifying their messages for their multiple audiences. We used clean graphics, water motion to symbolize the wash systems that SmartWash treats, and a hexagon design element as a way to present the six SmartWash benefits as a chemical symbol.

Brochures, Signs, Video and More

The website has proven so successful, that the hexagon design was continued into a custom die-cut brochure designed to convey just enough information to pique interest and encourage further dialog between SmartWash and sales prospects.

And we continue to refine and tell the SmartWash story through ads, videos, sales sheets, stories in trade media (PR), product labels and even a sign for their office and a custom lobby presentation.


  • Marketing Planning
  • Video
  • Website
  • Advertising
  • Media Planning & Placement
  • Brochure & Sales Sheets
  • Public Relations