Inteligistics Offers High-Tech Digital Solutions for Supply Chain Efficiency

Inteligistics has been working quietly to bring Silicon Valley cloud-powered and paperless scientific technology to support supply chain performance, productivity and sustainability for some of the leading growers and shippers in the Salinas Valley and elsewhere. With successful partnerships and process metrics accrued since 2015, they’ve now made their solutions and digitization available to companies throughout the perishable supply chain.

“We’ve helped grower-shipper partners improve efficiencies and cost savings tremendously by merging off-the-shelf hardware with our proprietary cloud-based applications. Our mission is to give companies real-time data for the most accuracy and control of their operations as they move perishable products from the field to packing and distribution, all the way to customers’ receiving docks and store shelves,” said Rao Mandava, Inteligistics Chairman and President. “Incorporating IoT wireless technology and cloud-based systems with streamlined dashboards and user-defined parameters and alerts, we’ve brought a digital transformation that provides operational decision makers with total visibility, mitigates supply chain bottlenecks, increases throughput, reduces waste and improves sustainability.”

Inteligistics has built a suite of products that can be used independently or integrated into a common information platform. Cold chain management begins in the field with InteliTemp™, which combines a wireless probe and mobile app to inspect product and track pulp temperatures. InteliCool™, a unique patented cooling solution, optimizes forced air pre-cooling and vacuum-cooling operations. InteliMonitor™ uses strategically placed wireless sensors to provide continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity throughout environmentally controlled facilities, protecting the product from adverse conditions and micro-climates. And InteliShip™ is hardware agnostic, turning trucks into intelligent mobile warehouses with real-time temperature, humidity, shock and location monitoring as well as security throughout the journey.

As trucking and logistics have become critical chokepoints across the global supply chain, InteliDock™ is an innovative warehouse management tool that optimizes staging, loading and dispatch functions by seamlessly interfacing with customer’s warehouse management system and Inteligistics own cold chain management systems. This moves more product through warehouses without increasing labor or facility capacity, increasing revenue and profitability.

“I’ve worked with several Inteligistics solutions at large grower-shipper companies for fresh produce, where we experienced remarkable efficiency and quality improvements to our product flow and cooling operations,” said Susanne Klose, Senior Director of R&D, Church Brothers Farms. “By decreasing the time from cut to cool, and ensuring consistent and optimized cold-chain performance, we are able to supply product to our customers faster and at a dependable quality, for maximum shelf life.”

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About Inteligistics
Inteligistics is uniquely placed in perishables industries using Silicon Valley technology and process improvements to bring digital transformation, turn big data into clear actions through AI/ML, and deliver high value improvements to supply chain and cold chain performance for perishable commodities. The resulting increase in productivity and reduction in resources helps meet sustainability goals. Using IoT, off-the-shelf wireless hardware, and proprietary cloud-based applications, Inteligistics develops custom solutions and provides a suite of integrated and standalone applications that improve quality, throughput, increase profits and deliver high ROI on the critical process of moving product from field to consumer. Visit and