A New Profitable & Sustainable Crop is Taking over Former Citrus Groves in Florida: Bamboo

September 12, 2023 — Greenfield Bamboo Investments LLC is helping farmers and investors benefit from this unique crop. The demand for bamboo is high, and the growing conditions in Florida are perfect for it. Fast growing and hardy, bamboo plants are ready for their first harvest in year four, and produce profitably for decades.

Bamboo shoots are a staple in Asian cuisine, and a favorite of health-conscious shoppers. There is also a burgeoning industry in products that are produced from bamboo wood, ranging from textiles such as sheets, to building materials, soil amendments and renewable energy.

You Don’t Have to Know Anything About Farming

Investing in a bamboo farm requires no farming experience or daily management of the farm. The team at Greenfield Bamboo are bamboo farming experts. They take care of everything from finding the right parcels of land, to land preparation, planting and care of the crops, and packing and marketing of the shoots and wood.

Greenfield Bamboo’s turn-key investment model is showing promising returns for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with reliable income-producing real estate assets.

“Greenfield Bamboo has developed a tax advantaged real estate investment model where investors own the land and reap the tax advantages and income, while Greenfield Bamboo does all the work to develop and manage the farms,” said Kevin Barley, Greenfield Bamboo. “We have decades of farming experience, have subdivided larger parcels of well-positioned and valued land, and spread our equipment and labor over the entire area, which makes for a very efficient model.”

“Total investment costs are around $20,000 per acre, with annual mature farm income of $10,000-$15,000 per acre,” said Barley. “Taking into account initial start-up expenses, we’re showing a 10-year IRR of 15-22%, and that’s without the additional tax advantages.”

Real Estate Investment Without Being a Landlord

As an investment vehicle, bamboo farming is part real estate investing and part business ownership, with the benefits of each, and none of the hassles. Investors take title to the land and all improvements, and may be eligible for bonus depreciation and other tax advantages. As a business investment, costs of running the business, including visits to the property in Florida and other expenses, are also deductible.

For more information in diversifying your investment portfolio by owning a sustainable bamboo farm, visit greenfieldbamboo.net, or call 407-625-5046.