Moxxy and Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner Announce 2022 Crop & Livestock Report

Nine-Year Partnership Blends Design and Data for Effective Community Impact

Salinas, CA, August 26, 2023 – Moxxy Marketing and the County of Monterey Agricultural Commissioner’s Office announce the publishing of the 2022 Crop and Livestock Report, continuing a nine-year collaboration on this vital publication.

This edition maintains the County and Moxxy’s focus on creating a useful report for the community that presents the pertinent data and statistics of Monterey County agriculture in an easily digestible manner, paired with an engaging and visually appealing layout.

“Though the government mandates the report, the County of Montrey has long taken the approach: if you must do it, do it well,” remarked Moxxy President and CEO, Karen Nardozza. “They have gone beyond marking a legal checkbox and have consistently developed a useful publication for both the ag industry and community at large. The report has even won national awards from Graphic Design USA.”

To highlight the work and programs of the County of Monterey Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, the theme “Rooted in Serving Our Community” was chosen for this year, developed by Moxxy under the guidance of the commissioner’s office led by Juan Hidalgo, the county’s newly appointed agricultural commissioner.

Juan Hidalgo, Agricultural Commissioner
Juan Hidalgo, Agricultural Commissioner

“I am proud to report that Monterey County continues to be a leading provider of food for the American consumer,” said Hidalgo. “In 2022, the value of agricultural commodities grown in Monterey County reached more than $4.6 billion, which is an increase of 13 percent over 2021.”

He continued: “Overall, our vegetable crops category saw an increase in value of 22 percent to $3.1 billion with strawberries maintaining the top spot, at a gross production value of more than $958 million. Leaf lettuce was the second most valuable crop at $842 million, followed by head lettuce at $546 million. I’ve long been impressed by the excellence of Monterey County’s Crop & Livestock Report, and it’s satisfying to continue the county’s legacy of quality data reporting year after year.”

The County of Monterey Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is the regulatory agency responsible for protecting the county’s premium agricultural industry, preserving the environment, promoting marketplace equity for consumers and businesses, as well as safeguarding the public’s health and safety.

“Over the years working with Moxxy, our synergistic efforts have ensured the visual presence of the report aligns with the prominence the ag sector holds in our county and supports our mission to make this data readily accessible to the public,” shared Richard Ordonez, Chief Deputy Agricultural Commissioner.

“We’re honored Monterey County has placed confidence in the Moxxy team for nearly a decade to produce this important report,” Nardozza remarked. “We value building long-term relationships and working collaboratively with our clients to create effective communications tools, and the ongoing success of this annual project highlights the benefits of this strategy.”

Debbie Cintora, Senior Project Manager at Moxxy said, “Every year, we strive for clean design, attractive photos, useful graphics, and succinct articles that encourage readers to delve deeper. When we translate the report from English to Spanish each year, we apply these same criteria to assure the Spanish-speaking community receives the information in an equally useful format.”

To view the 2022 County of Monterey Crop and Livestock Report, visit the website of the Office of the Agricultural Commissioner of Monterey County. The website also includes an archive of previous reports.