Moxxy and Peterson Farms, Inc. Win GDUSA Packaging Award

We’ve received a 2021 Packaging Design Award from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) for our work with Peterson Farms, Inc. on the design of their suite of Antioxidant Solutions branded Tart Cherry Juice packaging.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for outstanding design, both in terms of the packages’ aesthetics and strategic impact,” said President & CEO Karen Nardozza. “It was imperative to create packaging that works to gain shopper attention in-store and promote this healthful product line, as well as provide Peterson Farms valuable intellectual property that differentiates the brand and helps their sales team demonstrate to retailers how they are supporting the launch of these new products for optimal success.”

“The award-winning tart cherry juice packaging accomplishes multiple goals: not only does the imagery showcase fresh, delicious cherries harvested at peak flavor, it also encourages shoppers who may not be familiar with the products to give them a try,” said Grant Boring, Marketing and Communications Manager at Peterson Farms.

“Tart cherry juice is often consumed as a sport recovery drink, but is also gaining traction as a delicious and healthful everyday beverage. It was important for our packaging to connect with a variety of consumers, highlight the health benefits and differentiate the three juices in the variety pack—Triple Cherry Juice, 100% Tart Cherry Juice, and Tart Cherry Juice with Apple—while making the product packaging irresistible.”

Peterson Farms has been processing tart cherries in their Shelby, Michigan-based facility for more than three decades. The coastal shores of Lake Michigan produce wonderful crops of Montmorency tart cherries and the company’s established relationships in the region allow them to procure and process this high-quality fruit in the same area they are grown. Moxxy’s designs for the cherry juice bottles are creative and effective marketing tools that differentiate these juices from other options on the grocery shelf.  

Moxxy’s partnership with Peterson Farms included conception and design production on the company’s full range of fruit juice SKUs, including addressing a variety of packouts and carton configurations to meet retailer needs. In total, our strategic creative team concepted and designed the following packaging items for Peterson Farms:

  1. 32 oz 100% Tart Cherry Juice Not from Concentrate label and cartons
  2. 32 oz Triple Cherry Juice label and cartons
  3. 32 oz Cherry and Apple Juice Blend label and cartons
  4. 32 oz Tart Cherry Juice from Concentrate label and cartons
  5. 32 oz 100% Blueberry Juice Not from Concentrate label and cartons
  6. Cherry Juice Variety Pack carton

“This award is exciting because our team has been working hard on differentiating our Antioxidant Solutions brand of Tart Cherry Juice to assure it provides our customers with the strongest value possible. That includes the flavor and quality of the juices themselves, but also the messaging, marketing and packaging that helps consumers understand this unique line of juice products,” said Sarah Schlukebir, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Peterson Farms. “It’s a morale booster for the team to know our Tart Cherry Juice products are being noticed for their shelf appeal and engaging design.”  

Peterson Farms is one of North America’s premier fruit processing companies, creating best-in-class products from four core commodities, including both sweet and tart cherries, apples, and blueberries. The company was founded in 1984 by Earl and Linda Peterson.

For nearly six decades, GDUSA has sponsored design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. The GDUSA Package Design Awards were created to recognize the value of attractive and strategic package design. Reflecting the continuing importance of package design, more than 2,200 entries were received overall for the 2021 awards—one of the biggest totals to date despite this tumultuous year—and a highly selective top ten percent were selected as winners.

GDUSA Editor Gordon Kaye said, “Package design is more critical than ever, and the depth and breadth of our annual competition reflects that. In this era in which audiences are fragmented, communication is cluttered, and brand loyalty is challenged, package design is uniquely positioned to advance the brand promise, inform and persuade, and to forge an emotional connection at the moment of truth.”