Moxxy Wins Creative Excellence Awards from AIVA

What’s better than being recognized for one exceptional creative project? Being recognized for two!

Today we are tipping our hats to our team for knocking it out of the park—not once, but twice. As part of their 24th annual Communicator Awards, the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) honored Moxxy’s work for design of the Berry People logo and 2016 Monterey County Crop Report.

“The goal for this Crop Report was to make the data-focused content not only informative, but engaging,” said Molly Briseño, vice president at Moxxy. “Our team adopted a fresh perspective on this type of traditionally dry official report and brought the content to life with easy-to-read tables combined with custom illustration, photography and infographics.”

Moxxy’s work with Berry People, a startup company that grows and distributes a full line of organic strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, included design of the award-winning logo as well as development of the company’s tagline, “Together, We Grow,” brochure and tradeshow exhibit.

“Berry People wanted a logo that represents the owner’s philosophy that the business is not just about the berries, but more importantly, the people,” said Moxxy President and CEO Karen Nardozza. “The design our team created embodied that philosophy.

The stylized berry is defined by dozens of circles, each symbolizing a person—consumer, retailer, farmer, business partner, etc.—and serves as a perfect metaphor for the company itself. The three-leafed calyx represents the company’s three founding partners and their stewardship of the Berry People community.

“For our team,” Karen shared, “it was a very gratifying example of creating a visual expression of a company’s mission and vision.”

The Communicator Awards are presented by AIVA, a 600+ member organization of visual arts professionals from various disciplines. The organization, which is dedicated to facilitating the exchange of new ideas, business models and trend information, represents a wide range of acclaimed media, advertising and marketing firms.