Berry People

More Than Berries

The heart of any brand is purpose—its reason for being. Why do great people get up in the morning, wanting to come to work to drive the business forward? Berry People grows delicious organic berries. But for this progressive brand, their true focus is how they support and respect their people, partners, customers and consumers. We realized they needed a brand that represented both: incredible berries and incredible people.

A Great Logo to Represent Great People

The objective was to reflect the heart and soul of the brand in a unique way that could rise to the larger meaning. We created a logo featuring a stylized berry comprised of dozens of circles. In the design, each circle symbolizes a person, so connecting them to create a berry is a perfect metaphor for the concept. The logotype even uses a rounded lowercase font, reflecting a friendly and approachable personality. The “y” in berry overlaps with the “p” in people, hinting to one more idea—people together with berries. Then to bring the personality to life, we created a tagline with layered meaning: “Together We Grow.”

Focusing on the Story

Moxxy has helped Berry People share their message to strategic audiences through multiple channels. When designing the creative for Berry People’s brochure, print ads, and trade show booths, we combined consistent brand messaging with an unwavering focus on what makes Berry People special. And our public relations efforts have kept this unique company in the industry spotlight.

So far, the results, like the berries, have been sweet. We are delighted to have been an integral part of our clients’ marketing. In their words, “The team took a sincere interest in our company’s vision and values and worked with us to effectively convey the company’s ethos in the design of our company logo. We enjoyed both the work process and work product. I’d recommend Moxxy to anyone looking for empathy and edge in a marketing firm.” – Jerald Downs, CEO

We love Berry People!


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