Josie’s Organics

3rd Generation Start Up

When CEO Rod Braga had the vision to create a retail brand of fresh organic vegetables named after his grandmother, the Braga family had been farming for more than 80 years. Moxxy and Braga were already working together on other projects when Rod said, “We’re going to start shipping our own label, Josie’s Organics, and I need you to design it.”

No Marketing Department? No Problem!

Along with launching their own retail product line came all the other needs to market, sell and distribute them. Moxxy designed the Josie’s Organics logo, created the signature blue polka dot graphics on packaging, and handled all preparations to launch the brand and product line at the 2013 PMA Fresh Summit show. Launch prep included designing bilingual bags, tags and ties for more than 20 field pack products, helping Braga name their sales company, Braga Fresh Family Farms, designing, writing copy for and programing websites for Braga Fresh and Josie’s Organics, and more.

While Braga focused on building their sales and operational departments, Moxxy became their marketing department, handling all aspects of marketing planning, messaging, creative development and execution for advertising, PR, sales materials, trade show coordination, recipe creation, consumer communications, social media—and more.

Start Up #2

The Josie’s Organics brand exceeded expectations from the start, which led to the startup of Braga’s value added line of Josie’s Organics washed, ready-to-enjoy chopped salads, blends and cut vegetables. Moxxy designed all the bags, cartons and sales materials, re-engineered the Josie’s Organics website to accommodate additional product types, and handled all the pre-launch planning and communications for the new line’s introduction at the 2016 PMA Fresh Summit.


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Web & Social Media
  • Sales Collateral
  • Trade Show
  • Advertising
  • Media Planning & Placement
  • Recipe Development & Photography