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Large, tropical avocados have been available in the US for some time, known in the fresh produce industry as the “green-skin avocado.” The name and lack of marketing behind it has proved ineffective for US sales of this unique version of avocado, sourced primarily from the Dominican Republic.

With Moxxy’s guidance, the IESC embarked on an ambitious branding campaign with the objective of increasing sales of tropical avocados in the US with cohesive, memorable branding that rivals competitors (Hass marketers, such as Avocados from Mexico and California Avocados) and establishes the Tropical Avocados brand as an exciting, buzz-worthy product for consumers, chefs, food writers/media and grocery retailers. As part of developing the Tropical Avocados brand, we created a series of taglines and branded materials to support an ambitious push in US markets.

According to our market research, consumers were confused by the tropical avocado because unlike the Hass variety, they stay bright, vibrant green when ripe and are substantially larger. Our marketing strategy led to a campaign focused on educating the American consumer about this unique and incomparable version of a loved fruit.

Brand Image and Customer Focus

Tropical Avocados are branded with the promise of a unique culinary adventure, with large, playful PLU stickers that expand to reveal educational and informative use tips. The brand name paints a picture of warm ocean breezes and relaxing island vibes. The big, fun and laid-back look of the logo aims to differentiate from association with Mexican and California Hass avocados.

We enhanced consumer education with in-store signs and display bins highlighting the features that make tropical avocados unique and special (naturally large, stay green when ripe, etc.). We also developed recipes displayed in-store on tear sheets that provide consumers with meal ideas created for these firmer-textured avocados.

Retailer Focus

Consumers like choices and Tropical Avocados represent a fresh choice in a booming fresh produce category. We stressed the value in the bigger and more attractive fruit in a comprehensive retail PowerPoint presentation, and pushed for POS displays for a “wow” factor in the produce aisle. With charts and graphics demonstrating our research, we emphasized strong grower relationships and abundance of availability, so retailers know they can count on Tropical Avocados to become a consistent source of revenue in their stores.

A New Wave

Look for Tropical Avocados! Hungry for choices and intrigued by the size and texture of these impressive fruits, consumers are eating them up. Retailers are getting in line and the great potential of the unique fruit, led by the consistent and compelling branding program, is being realized across the country.

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