WP Produce Adds Solar and Builds Sustainability in the Dominican Republic

WP Produce, and their Desbry® Tropical Avocado brand, has completed a major milestone towards their initiatives to increase sustainability in the Dominican Republic.

“Our packing and shipping compound in the province of Bonao, which is the largest, state-of-the-art tropical avocado facility in the region, is now energy independent. Since June 2021, our new 20,000-kilowatt renewable solar power installation has been producing more than 100% of the electricity needed to power the facility,” said Christopher Gonzalez, VP of Sales for WP Produce, “During peak solar production, our excess power generation is going back to the power grid to support the local community.”

WP Produce, which is the largest distributor of tropical avocados in the U.S. and is the largest packer and shipper in the Dominican Republic, is on a mission to improve sustainability throughout the Caribbean nation. “In addition to moving towards energy independence and reducing our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain, we have a focus on improving the lives of our workers. We have significant worker welfare initiatives including increased wages, supporting community medical clinics, and providing our workers and their families with food and water,” Gonzalez added.

Tropical avocados, which have been a staple throughout the Caribbean and tropical regions around the globe, have been gaining traction, spreading from Florida, up the Eastern Seaboard, and now across the country. Shoppers routinely exclaim “wow” as they walk by a display of large, bright green Desbry® Tropical Avocados, and then add them to their shopping cart. Now they can do so while supporting a sustainable, environmentally friendly, family farming operation. 

For more information or to place an order, contact Christopher Gonzalez at (305) 772-8388, [email protected] or visit wpproduce.com.

About WP Produce:
Founded in 1984, WP Produce is a family-owned, multi-regional grower, packer and shipper of fresh, tropical fruits and roots. WP Produce has been a pioneer in the tropical avocado market since 1992 and is now the largest importer and distributor of Dominican Tropical Avocados worldwide. With farms and partnerships with growers in Florida and the Dominican Republic, WP Produce offers a wide variety of tropical produce and root vegetables under the premium Desbry® brand. To learn more, visit wpproduce.com.