Karen Nardozza Shares Insight on Seasonal Marketing

As we head into the heart of summer in a re-opening world, new occasions are all around us. Last month, Moxxy’s President & CEO Karen Nardozza participated in the Produce Marketing Association (PMA)’s webinar, Retail with the Experts: Occasion Marketing and Season Merchandising – Identifying New Opportunities.

In addition to a lineup of all-star panelists — including Anne Marie Roerink (210 Analytics), Alyson Dias (California Table Grape Commission), Adam Brady (Shuman Farms), Vic Savanellox (Spartan Nash), and led by PMA Moderator Joe Watson — Karen shared her insight on the top occasion marketing opportunities suppliers and retailers can leverage to maximize sales and consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The conversation covered how marketing opportunities tied to occasions in a retail environment are an expanding opportunity, especially with consumers accelerating their purchase decisions related to health and wellness.

“From grilling, snacking and summer cocktails/mocktails, to holidays, to the limited nature of peach, mango, cantaloupe, or Vidalia onion seasons, we have a myriad of opportunities to market fresh products around occasions,” said Karen. “We can inspire consumer excitement and purchase behavior around not just growing seasons, but also around other eating and entertainment occasions, and brands can create innovative marketing programs both in-store and online to influence consumers.”

Karen Nardozza

The insight comes on the heels of a survey completed jointly by Moxxy and market research firm Category Partners, which delved into the changing shifts of consumer shopping behavior, partly brought on by the pandemic and crucial for our agile, ever-shifting retail world.

“The number one thing to consider is to provide inspiration and make it easy for consumers to enjoy your products,” said Karen. “There is so much fatigue in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, so be sure to prioritize cooperation between retailers, suppliers and growers to create holistic meal solutions, recipes, and co-promotions.”

When creating seasonal marketing strategies, be sure to prioritize the visual element – as consumers are buying with their eyes. The research found the look of produce items both online and in-store is a major factor in sparking a purchase. Twenty-seven percent of consumers cite in-store displays and recipes as a primary idea driver, while 16 percent of consumers cite online recipes and photos as a primary idea driver.

The findings illuminate the importance of research to drive sales and strengthen retailer relationships. When communicating with buyers, presenting research on shopper habits and category performance can take your product to the next level and eliminate doubt that it will resonate well with consumers.