Moxxy and WP Produce Win 2021 GDUSA Packaging Design Award!

We are excited to announce Moxxy Marketing has been honored with a 2021 Packaging Design Award from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) for our work with WP Produce on design of a 2-count bag and merchandising display bin to promote Desbry® Tropical Avocados in retail grocery stores.

For nearly six decades, GDUSA has sponsored design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. The GDUSA Package Design Awards were created to recognize the value of package design that is both attractive and strategic. Reflecting the continuing importance of package design, more than 2,200 entries were received overall this year — one of the biggest totals ever despite this tumultuous year — and a highly selective Top Ten Percent were selected as winners.

karen nardozza

“It’s always an honor to be recognized for great design, but this award is particularly special,” said Moxxy’s President & CEO Karen Nardozza. “We’ve been working passionately for several years to help WP Produce expand sales and distribution of their Desbry Tropical Avocados—an amazing fruit with very little awareness outside Florida and the North East U.S.

“Moxxy’s designs for the bags and merchandising display bins needed to achieve multiple goals,” said Chris Gonzalez, VP of Sales for WP Produce. “Not only to further establish our premium Desbry brand at retail and increase awareness of Tropical Avocados throughout North America, but also demonstrate to retailers how we are dedicated to supporting this new item in their stores by educating shoppers about this unique fruit, and inspiring purchase and trial with recipes and usage tips.”

Moxxy’s designs for the 2-count avocado bag and accompanying retail display bin are creative and effective marketing tools that differentiate these special avocados from the better-known and widely loved Hass avocados that dominate the category.

“Moxxy’s designs have helped us develop new opportunities with major retailers across the U.S. and Canada, including in California, Texas and other western states where Tropical Avocados are practically unknown,” said Gonzalez. “Through our partnership with Moxxy, the fruit is taking off both with retailers and foodservice companies.”

The brightly-colored bags grab shoppers’ attention, explain how Desbry Tropical Avocados are best used, and include a simple, delicious recipe on the back—a family favorite salad created by WP’s founder, Willy Pardo. The display bins feature beautiful, appetizing photography of serving suggestions, and educate shoppers and produce managers on how to determine ripeness of Tropical Avocados, which stay green and don’t turn dark as they ripen.

GDUSA Editor Gordon Kaye said, “Package design is more critical than ever, and the depth and breadth of our annual competition reflects that. In this era in which audiences are fragmented, communication is cluttered, and brand loyalty is challenged, package design is uniquely positioned to advance the brand promise, inform and persuade, and to forge an emotional connection at the moment of truth.”

This is the 58th anniversary of the GDUSA Packaging Design Awards. A showcase of all this year’s winners will be published in print and online in April.