The More Things Change, The More You Need to Plan

Two years ago, our President and CEO Karen Nardozza published an article on titled “Seven Things You Should Know Before Creating Your First Marketing Plan.” Whether you already have a marketing plan or not, recent disruptions in society, the way we conduct business, and how consumers access agriculture, and fresh food and beverage products, makes this article even more relevant today than when it was first published.

AndNowUKnow thinks so too, as they recently featured Moxxy’s thoughts on marketing planning in an article for their readers. Click here to read it.

The third tip listed in the Forbes article is perhaps most salient today, “The process is as important as the plan.” The act of assembling key members of your team, focusing for a few hours on the big picture instead of projects and tasks, seeking opportunities and relevance, and understanding what is working and what is not—along with what you can and can’t control—is an invaluable exercise that can yield significant competitive advantages.

The article also advises that a marketing plan:
• Only needs two parts
• Should be waaay shorter than a USDA marketing order
• Can help you build internal culture and excitement
• And, has a powerful effect on performance

As Karen put it, “At Moxxy, we practice what we preach. Our marketing plan keeps us focused on what we’ve decided is important, not just what is urgent. My team understands the whys behind the whats, and I attribute our growth and success to regular strategic discussions and updates to our own plan.”