How to Hire a Marketing Team

Maybe your company has an internal marketing team. They’re rockstars but stretched thin. Or, maybe you don’t have a marketer on staff and are looking for a qualified team-member to handle various projects requiring experience in your field. No matter your situation, Moxxy can help.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the benefits provided by a knowledgeable and experienced marketing partner, beyond great design and production.

1- Pick a partner with industry knowledge.

You’re likely an expert in your part of the supply chain. A marketing partner will have their hands in many aspects of the business, from packaging design to trade shows, industry hot topics, retailer relationship management to in-store displays. Industry-expert marketing agencies like ours can plan, execute and replicate campaigns at a breakneck speed, so we have seen time and again what works and what doesn’t. That kind of knowledge and flexibility comes from years of experience and immersion.

2 – Pick a partner who prioritizes strategy.

The right marketing team will help you determine and assess your goals, plan your strategy and identify how your brand will stand out next to your competitors in the marketplace. Our forward-thinking team is dedicated to asking the right questions, pushing you when we think ideas can be further developed and acts as a trusted advisor. Consider your marketing team an extension of your employees and a fully-immersed partner who treats your brand with the care as if it was our own.

3 – Pick a partner that creates a marketing plan.

Never underestimate the value of a traditional marketing plan. In fact, it’s the heart of where all your promotional activities should start. We provide a comprehensive marketing plan specific to your company’s goals and provide one on one coaching with our experienced, core team. We also recommend conducting perceptions research, where we will interview your customers, prospective partners, and team members on your behalf to determine how their existing opinions will shape your marketing goals.

4 – Pick a partner who commits to a tactical calendar.

After you make a marketing plan, a great marketing team breaks the tactics out into a calendar and budget plan. This will include all major activities from the marketing plan, itemized by individual tactic. This is where you’ll plan the pieces that make up your marketing for the year and stay within your overall budget. This calendar is flexible and changeable based on business needs – We include seasonal promotions, too!

5 – Pick a partner with expertise of packaging design and regulations.

It’s crucial your product packages are compliant with FDA and international regulations – Our team is highly trained, up to speed, and constantly aware of new trends and regulatory changes. Without compliant packaging, you run the risk of a product recall, which can cost more than time, money and product value – It can also come with negative press and damage your public perception in the marketplace. We have exhaustive resources within the industry and high attention to detail. You can rest assured your product packages will not only be beautiful but compliant every time.

6 – Pick a partner who can tell your story.

When it’s time to share news, you’ll need to be prepared with a well-written press release, media contact list and format. Whether you’re launching a product, or have added team members, a public relations plan is key. With a curated distribution list and formal writing team, we love to help our clients spread news. We offer straightforward press distribution and editorial story pitching, and summarize each project with a recap of media pickups.

7 – Pick a partner that understands ROI.

It’s important to be mindful of the investment value of marketing, including trade shows and networking opportunities. Whether in-person or virtual, a marketing partner will help you make the most of your participation. Our team evaluates opportunities, helps staff trade show booths, puts you in touch with partners and friends in which to network, and plans your marketing collateral, ad buys, and more. We offer council whenever it’s needed.

We value client partnerships and find them to be highly mutually beneficial. If you’d like to know more about how Moxxy can help grow your brand and increase your sales, let’s have a conversation. Get in touch with us – We can’t wait to hear from you.