Retail Insights: Part IV

Understanding pop culture informs where and how to connect with audiences, and helps brands stay relevant. By monitoring media, especially social media, fresh produce brands can find new, playful ways to reach and connect with audiences—and augment sales.

Retail Insights: Part III

John Shaw has led teams from start-up to Fortune 1, including roles as Vice President of Exclusive Brands (Private Label) at Whole Foods, Chief Merchant at Farmstead, and leading fresh legacy initiatives at Walmart over sourcing, strategy, and category management. He has a passion for this industry and was generous with useful tips and insights.

To Brand or Not to Brand

The word “brand” can be confusing. Besides being valuable intellectual property comprised of a unique tradename, logo, color palate, fonts, and other graphic design imagery, a brand is a marketing tool that helps your customers, employees and other stakeholders identify and remember your products or business.

Chadwick Boyd - Food and Lifestyle Expert

Retail Insights: Part II

“Today, we have easy access to affordable tools that give us near-immediate data about consumer preferences to drive engagement. When tied to marketing and storytelling fundamentals, the insights we gain from studying the data always leads to growth and success at retail.”

Peterson Farms Packaging

The Three Ps of Packaging

What’s outside sells what’s inside. Your packaging is as important as what’s on the inside; strategic packaging supports a successful experience for you, your retailers, and your consumers. Hit the high points with the three “Ps”—a clever way to remember the most important goals of your food and beverage packaging.

Tony Mitcehll AWG

Retail Insights: Part I

This is my first article in an ongoing series where I’ll do a deep dive into various retailers and learn how they approach business relationships with their suppliers. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with these heavy-hitters and share their insights about buying and selling fresh produce.

How To Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads

LinkedIn – it’s not just for job searching. In fact, if you’re only turning to LinkedIn when you’re looking for a career change, you’re not using the platform to its full potential. Different from a company page, many professionals will benefit from maintaining an engaging personal profile…